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Functional Sofa Purchase
Jan 12, 2018


Observe the color of the whole parts of the functional sofa, whether the joint parts are strong and smooth, and whether the workmanship is fine.

Check the resilience of the sofa

The specific method is to allow the body to sit on the sofa in free fall style, and at least 2 times up the sofa cushion to ensure that the sofa has good elasticity and long service life.


This may be hard or soft It differs from man to man., however, the man in about 180 of the people, we must choose some high back, because the function started later, who can not shake the function, back only "lower forward movement, upside down" (that is not like that will shake the back stretch). The tall man sitting in that low back on the sofa, if you want to head with appropriate support, it must be down a section, but in this case, your hips are likely to be moved forward to the front near the original seat, and the sofa in your seat shaft on the place - the result is a sofa will their normal position to return, you have no way to normal and comfortable lying.